Walla Walla Hair Loss Solutions

At Four Feathered Sparrow, we have the products, tools and experience to address your unique hair loss challenges.

Hairdreams Volume+ MicroLine System

an integrated semi-permanent hair system

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We are the only salon in Eastern Washington certified to offer the Hairdreams Volume+ MicroLine System. Whether you suffer from hair loss or fine hair, the Hairdreams Volume+ MicroLine System offers an effective and durable solution. Get ready to enjoy the renewed confidence that comes from a full head of hair.

How does it work?

Our on-staff specially trained Hair Loss Specialist is professionally trained to gently integrate your own hair with a hand-selected, hand-tied hair system for added fullness and coverage. The additional volume looks completely natural and can’t be distinguished from your own hair. Patented bondings provide perfect durability, an absolutely natural look, and highest wearing comfort.

Do I need to make any lifestyle changes with the MicroLines System?

The MicroLines System is attached via a bonding ring to your own hair and can be worn 4- 6 weeks before needing a refresh service with your stylist. There will be a minimal amount of maintenance which your stylist will teach you to do at home in between services to maintain the volume+ system in between visits.   Unlike a wig or other traditional hair pieces, MicroLines do not require any limitations to your normal lifestyle. The exquisite additional hair in your MicroLines System can be worn like your own, so hit the sauna! Climb in the convertible!  Go for a swim! With the Hairdreams Volume+ MicroLines System you can do all of this, and more, with confidence.

How do I get started?

Our trained Hair Loss Specialist will meet with you privately to discuss your unique hair loss challenges and create a plan for implementation. We will discuss pricing, time commitment, maintenance rituals, and any other questions you may have.

Make your dream hair a reality with Hairdreams’ state-of-the-art technology and top-notch hair quality.  

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Other Hair Loss Solutions and Products

We stock a wide selection of hair loss products to help encourage new hair growth as well as maintain and enhance your natural hair.

Hairdreams Quikkies

tape in hair extensions for dream hair in record time

(pricing varies, contact us for a quote)

Revitalash products

The leading physician-developed, award-winning collection of premium beauty solutions designed to revitalize and enhance the health and natural beauty of lashes, brows, and hair.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree scalp care system

Ideal for men and women, this color-safe daily regimen is infused with our exclusive Regeniplex® botanical blend to promote optimal scalp health and encourage healthy, thicker hair.


Keratin fibers instantly conceal hair loss and make fine hair appear thick and full.

HairMax Laser Regrowth System*

Start regrowing your hair today with at-home laser hair regrowth technology.

Ask us how to save 15% on your order at hairmax.com!