Spa Sparrow

At Four Feathered Sparrow we offer specialty products and services to address your hair transformation needs in our comfortable Boutique Salon.

Hair Loss Specialists

We offer Walla Walla a comprehensive selection of hair loss solutions, delivered in an intimate and private setting. If you are struggling with hair loss, our hair loss specialist would be happy to schedule a private consultation and create a plan to address your specific needs.

Salon Services

Four Feathered Sparrow also offers a wide range of salon services, from hair design and color artistry to extensions. As a Paul Mitchell Select salon, all of our salon services are delivered with industry-leading products, from hair color and texture products to professional-grade hair styling tools.

We are a BARBICIDE Ⓡ COVID-19 Certified Operation.

Why the Name?

In 1999, I found a baby sparrow outside of the salon I worked for. Although I was unable to rehabilitate him back to the wild, Pete had a fulfilled life as the first of my flock of five birds of different varieties. Pete lived 10 happy years and gave me much fodder for stories I have passed along to my guests over the years. Pete taught me that nothing is too small or insignificant to make an impact.

– Amy Vixie