Spa Sparrow

At Four Feathered Sparrow LLC, we constantly strive to improve how we affect the environment by minimizing emissions, waste, energy consumption and toxic residuals, and still have fun while we’re doing it. We are always conscious of how we affect the environment through our business practices.  We use  products that have low impact health wise  and are  sustainable . We diligently recycle, and compost our coffee and tea grounds, utilize tap instead of bottled water, glass wear instead of paper, hand towels instead of paper towels, and utilize natural light and air whenever possible. We are a small town Studio Boutique Salon. We welcome people of all ages from all walks of life and truly enjoy getting to know our clients and consider them friends. Our staff is down to earth, accommodating and wants you to have a pleasant and memorable experience.

Sincerely, Amy

Why the Name?

In 1999, I found a baby Sparrow outside of the salon I worked for. Although I was unable to rehabilitate him back to the wild, Pete had a fulfilled life as the first of my flock of 5 birds of different varieties. He lived 10 happy years and gave me much fodder for stories I have passed along to my guests over the years. Pete taught me that nothing is too small or insignificant to make an impact.